Richard Rawlings Net Worth: Early Life, Age, Career, Personal Life & Many

Richard Rawlings Net Worth
$18 Million

Richard Rawlings, famed for his role on “Fast N’ Loud,” has made a lasting impact in automotive and entertainment. His Gas Monkey Garage and ventures like Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill showcase his entrepreneurial flair. Rooted in his childhood love for cars, Rawlings’ personal life, marred by divorces, adds complexity to his story. Yet, he perseveres, focusing on his ventures and captivating audiences with his automotive passion.

Richard Rawlings Net Worth

Richard Rawlings, an American car enthusiast, entrepreneur, and reality TV personality, Richard Rawlings Net Worth of $18 million. Rising to fame as the star of “Fast N’ Loud,” Rawlings is also the proud owner of Gas Monkey Garage, a hub for automotive innovation. His empire extends to the entertainment sector with the ownership of Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and Gas Monkey Live music venues, both located in Dallas, Texas. With his hands firmly on the wheel, Rawlings continues to drive his success in both the automotive and entertainment industries.

Who Is Richard Rawlings?

Richard Rawlings, born on March 30, 1969, has emerged as a prominent American entrepreneur whose net worth has become a topic of widespread interest. With celebrities’ biographies, particularly those concerning finances, increasingly in demand, Rawlings’ colorful career has captivated fans seeking insights into their favorite personalities. As curiosity surrounding Richard Rawlings and his intriguing net worth continues to grow, enthusiasts eagerly delve deeper into his journey and achievements.

Richard Rawlings Biography

Richard Rawlings, an accomplished American entrepreneur and prominent figure in the media, epitomizes the adage, “The price of success is hard work and dedication towards the dream.” His notable presence on Discovery Channel’s “Fast N’ Loud” has propelled him to fame. Beyond television, Rawlings’ business ventures include the ownership of Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, Gas Monkey Garage, and Gas Monkey Live music venues, all situated in Texas. Venturing further into the realms of hospitality and entertainment, Rawlings has diversified his portfolio with the establishment of numerous clubs, live music venues, and restaurants. This multifaceted approach underscores Rawlings’ entrepreneurial acumen and unwavering commitment to pursuing his dreams.

Quick Information Richard Rawlings

Popular Name:Richard Rawlings
Real Name:Richard Ray Rawlings
Birth Date:March 30, 1969 
Birth Place:Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Marital Status:Married
Spouse(s):Karen K Grames (1993–1994)Suzanne Marie Mergele (1999–2009, 2015–2019)Katerina Rawlings (2020-Present)
Profession:Businessman, Reality Television Star
Years active:2002 Till Date
Net Worth:$18 Million

Richard Rawlings Early Life

Richard Rawlings, born in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1969, developed a passion for cars from an early age, often accompanying his father to auto shows and car assemblies. His fascination led him to purchase his first car at just 14 years old. Following his graduation from Eastern Hills High School after six to seven years, Rawlings delved into entrepreneurship by founding Lincoln Press, a printing and advertising company, in 1999. In matters of the heart, Rawlings’ romantic journey saw him marrying Karen K. Grames in 1993, only to part ways the following year. His second marriage, to Suzanne Marie Mergele in Las Vegas, also encountered challenges, leading to separation in 2009, though they reunited and remarried in 2015. Despite efforts to reconcile, Rawlings announced their separation and filed for divorce via Twitter on March 11, 2019, shedding light on the complexities of his personal life.

Richard Rawlings Education

Richard Rawlings, a true Texan, was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, where he wholeheartedly embraced his American heritage. His formative years at Eastern Hills High School laid the foundation for his future endeavors, shaping him into the resilient and driven individual he is today.

Richard Rawlings Body Measurement 

Attribute Measurement
Height6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight86 kg
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourSalt and Pepper
TattoInner arm (related to Cannonball Run), hands, and arms

Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch with an athletic build, television personality Richard Rawlings exudes a commanding presence. While his weight tips the scales at 86 kg, specifics regarding his biceps, chest, and waist measurements remain undisclosed. His distinguished appearance is complemented by salt-and-pepper hair that accentuates his captivating brown eyes. Rawlings proudly displays tattoos on his inner bicep, serving as a tribute to his record-breaking Cannonball Run achievement alongside Dennis, where they traversed from New York to Los Angeles in a remarkable 31 hours and 59 minutes. Adorned with inked artwork on his hands and arms, Rawlings’ tattoos add an extra layer of personality to his magnetic charm.

Richard Rawlings Parents 

Richard Rawlings, along with his three siblings, was born to Ray Rawlings and an unnamed mother, with his father playing a pivotal role in shaping his passion for cars. From early childhood, Richard shared a deep bond with his father, attending car events and building vehicles together. However, Ray Rawlings has battled Alzheimer’s disease for years, resulting in memory loss and delayed recall. Richard openly discusses his father’s struggles on social media, expressing his determination to preserve his father’s happy memories despite the challenges. In a heartfelt pledge, Richard vows to bring joy to his father’s life and create moments of happiness, acknowledging that success in this endeavor varies. Through his actions, the 53-year-old television celebrity exemplifies the enduring strength of father-son bonds and the unwavering commitment to family.

Richard Rawlings Siblings 

Richard Rawlings, a respected businessman and TV celebrity, shares a close bond with his siblings, namely Daphne Rawlings Kaminski, John Rawlings, and Angela Rawlings. Notably, Daphne serves as Richard’s business partner, intertwining family dynamics with their professional endeavors. As the star of Discovery Channel’s “Fast N’ Loud,” Richard Rawlings is a prominent figure in American television. Hailing from Texas, his entrepreneurial ventures, including Gas Monkey Garage, Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, and Gas Monkey Live, have solidified his success in business. Additionally, Rawlings’ appearances in national television ads for Dodge cars and loans in 2014 underscore his multifaceted approach to entertainment and business, establishing him as a dynamic and influential presence in both realms.

Richard Rawlings Career

Richard Rawlings’ entrepreneurial odyssey began in 1999 with a printing venture before he transitioned to his true passion: cars. His Gas Monkey Garage, showcased on Discovery Channel’s “Fast N’ Loud” since 2012, has become a global icon for automotive enthusiasts. Beyond the garage, Rawlings expanded his empire with Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, fostering a community of like-minded individuals in Dallas and beyond. His autobiography, “Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers,” released in 2015, narrates his journey through challenges and triumphs. Rawlings isn’t just a businessman; he’s also an accomplished auto racer, breaking records and earning acclaim from legends like Jay Leno. His devotion to cars is palpable in his extensive collection, embodying his motto: “If we’re going to have fun, it better have a motor!”

Richard Rawlings Personal Life

Richard Rawlings’ marital journey has been marked by highs and lows, with his first marriage to Suzanne Rawlings encountering strains due to the pressures of fame. Despite their divorce in 2009, the couple reunited, reaffirming their love with a heartfelt wedding in Cabo. This second chance at marriage exemplifies their enduring bond and resilience, showcasing how dedication and perseverance can overcome obstacles, leading to lasting joy. Though they remain childless, Richard and Suzanne Rawlings’ story serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of love and the possibility of finding happiness amidst adversity.

Richard Rawlings Fast N’ Loud

Richard Rawlings’ journey in the automotive industry is a testament to his diverse experiences and entrepreneurial triumphs. After a varied career that spanned roles as a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, and owner of Lincoln Press, Rawlings transitioned into crafting hot rods with the inception of Gas Monkey Garage in 2002. The garage swiftly gained worldwide acclaim for its expertise in car restoration. Since 2012, Rawlings has been a fixture on Discovery Channel’s “Fast N’ Loud,” restoring unique cars for celebrities, while also extending his influence through co-hosting duties on “Garage Rehab.” Expanding his empire, Rawlings launched Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill locations and Gas Monkey Live, a live music venue. His storytelling prowess shines in his book “Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers,” while the licensing of Gas Monkey to energy drinks in 2019 further cements Rawlings’ status as a versatile icon across industries.

Other Business Ventures

In addition to his notable ventures like Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N’ Loud, Richard Rawlings has expanded his revenue streams through a range of diverse business endeavors. Among these, Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill stands out as a popular restaurant and live music venue located in Dallas. Complementing this, Gas Monkey Live offers a dynamic space for live music performances. Moreover, Rawlings has ventured into the beverage industry with the launch of his own brand of energy drink, Gas Monkey Energy, further solidifying his status as a multifaceted entrepreneur with a knack for innovation and diversification.

Richard Rawlings Achievements

  • Richard Rawlings has made significant strides in the automotive industry, with Gas Monkey Garage renowned for its historic automotive restoration and customization projects. Collaborations with notable figures like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, and Dennis Collins underscore the garage’s reputation for excellence.
  • The success of Rawlings’ Discovery Channel show, “Fast N’ Loud,” has catapulted him to automotive stardom, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the industry. The show’s numerous renewals highlight its enduring popularity and Rawlings’ profound impact on viewers.
  • Expanding the Gas Monkey brand beyond television, Rawlings has ventured into hospitality with establishments like Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, attracting both locals and tourists alike. Additionally, Gas Monkey Live in Dallas has emerged as a premier live music venue, offering a diverse array of performances to enthusiastic audiences.

Ricard Rawlings Car Collection

Model YearCar Name
1915Willys-Overland Touring
1932The Ford Roadster
1933Chrysler Royal 8 Coup CT Imperial
1952Chevrolet Fleet line
1966Saab 96 Monte Carlo Sport
1965Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback
1967Pontiac Firebird
1968Shelby Mustang GT 350
1970Dodge Challenger

Richard Rawlings’ passion for cars is evident in his unconventional approach of purchasing abandoned and damaged vehicles at low prices. With his skilled team at Gas Monkey Garage, Rawlings meticulously restores these automobiles to pristine condition, creating a unique collection that encompasses both vintage classics and modern cars. Occasionally, Rawlings’ remarkable collection finds its way to auctions, showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication behind each restoration.

Richard Rawlings Real Estate

Situated on 1.46 acres in Dallas, Texas, Richard Rawlings’ 1960 home offers a unique retreat characterized by mid-century modern design. Boasting three bedrooms, two full and two half bathrooms, the house features a beautiful bar with a retractable door, seamlessly blending style and functionality. Outside, the property impresses with stunning decks offering panoramic views, sunken bathtubs for luxury, and zen gardens for tranquility. An outdoor master bath provides a refreshing connection to nature, while access to a private lake adds to the estate’s allure. Located just four miles from Gas Monkey Garage, Rawlings’ home serves as both a personal sanctuary and a hub for work, reflecting his distinctive style and lifestyle through modern design, natural elements, and thoughtful amenities.

Richard Rawlings Social Media 

Platform Link

Interesting Facts 

  • Rawlings and Dennis broke the 1979 Cannonball Run record, covering the route from New York to Los Angeles in just 31 hours and 59 minutes.
  • Beyond automotive ventures, Rawlings is a multifaceted entrepreneur with interests in hospitality and entertainment, seen through establishments like Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and Gas Monkey Live.
  • Rawlings proudly displays tattoos commemorating his record-breaking Cannonball Run achievement and personal passions.
  • Despite challenges in his marriages, Rawlings reconciled with his second wife Suzanne, highlighting the enduring nature of their love.
  • Rawlings’ Dallas home is a blend of mid-century modern design and luxury amenities, offering stunning panoramic views and reflecting his distinctive style and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Richard Rawlings

Q: What is Richard Rawlings’ net worth?

A: Richard Rawlings’ estimated net worth is $18 million, reflecting his success in the automotive and entertainment industries.

Q: Where was Richard Rawlings born?

A: RRichard Rawlings was born on March 30, 1969, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, grounding his Texan roots and passion for cars in his hometown.

Q: How tall and heavy is Richard Rawlings?

A: RRichard Rawlings stands at an impressive 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) and maintains a weight of approximately 86 kg, embodying a commanding presence.

Q: What are some of Richard Rawlings’ notable business ventures?

A: RRawlings is renowned for founding Gas Monkey Garage, a hub for automotive innovation, along with iconic establishments like Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and Gas Monkey Live music venues, all nestled in the heart of Texas.

Q: Has Richard Rawlings tied the knot?

A: RYes, Richard Rawlings has entered the bonds of matrimony multiple times. Currently, he is happily married to Katerina Rawlings, having exchanged vows in 2020, showcasing his enduring pursuit of love and happiness.


Richard Rawlings has etched an extraordinary path in both the automotive and entertainment spheres, accumulating a net worth of $18 million through his entrepreneurial endeavors and captivating television presence. His journey, rooted in a childhood passion for cars, culminated in the iconic Cannonball Run record, showcasing his resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to his dreams. Despite personal hurdles, Rawlings continues to enthrall audiences with his profound love for automobiles, leaving an indelible impression on the business and entertainment landscapes. Through his multifaceted approach to life, Rawlings serves as a testament to the transformative potential of perseverance and the relentless pursuit of one’s passions.

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