DD Osama Height: Bio, Age, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

DD Osama Height 

5 feet 5 inches

DD Osama, a prominent figure in the rap and hip-hop scene from the USA, has made waves with tracks like “Without You,” “What We Doin,” and “Leave Me.” He embarked on his rap journey in 2021 and quickly gained recognition, amassing a sizable fan base across various social media platforms. Tragically, his rise to fame was marked by the passing of his younger brother, Notti Osama, who was also a musical talent. Their close bond is evident in collaborative efforts on tracks like “Without You” and “Dead Opps.” DD Osama’s affiliation with the Notti World Collective reflects his dedication to both the music scene and honoring his brother’s legacy.

DD Osama Height 

This American rapper DD Osama Height of 5 feet 5 inches, approximately 165 centimeters, and maintains a weight of around 110 pounds, equivalent to 50 kilograms.

Who Is DD Osama?

DD Osama, a rising hip-hop artist hailing from New York, is renowned for his rapid-fire delivery of gritty and intense bars, embodying the essence of the drill sound at just 16 years old. Born on November 29, 2006, in Harlem, New York, not much is known about his father, but he shares a close bond with his mother, Crimsley Martinez. Raised alongside his younger brother and three older siblings by their stepfather following their parents’ separation when he was young, DD Osama’s upbringing was marked by close familial ties. Tragically, his journey was marred by the loss of his younger brother, Notti, in July 2022, who was reportedly fatally stabbed by a 15-year-old rival at the 137th Street/City College Subway station at 3 pm on July 9.

DD Osama Biography

Born on November 29, 2006, DD Osama, whose birth name is David DeShaun Reyes, will turn 17 in 2023. Raised in the heart of Harlem, New York, he embraces his American nationality and follows the Christian faith. Under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, he embodies the spirit of adventure. With roots tracing back to African-American descent, his identity is shaped by this beautiful mix. In his musical journey, DD Osama has garnered support from labels like Alamo Records and Notti World Records, propelling his rise in the hip-hop scene.

DD Osama Of Profile summary 

Full NameDavid DeShaun Reyes
Famous AsDD Osama
Date of Birth29 November 2006
Age16 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthHarlem, New York, United States of America
Current ResidenceHarlem, New York, United States of America
Height in Feet5 feet 5 inches
Height in Centimeters165
MotherCrimsley Martinez
FatherMr Osama
Relationship StatusSingle
ProfessionRapper, hip-hop recording artist
Net Worth$500,000

DD Osama Zodiac Sign

DD Osama, born between November 22 and December 21, falls under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. True to his beliefs, he follows the Christian faith, embodying its principles in his life and music.

DD Osama Early Life

Born in Harlem, New York, United States, DD Osama, also known as David Reyes according to some sources, entered the world on November 29, 2006. With a burgeoning career in the hip-hop scene, his origins trace back to the vibrant streets of New York City. While details about his early life and family remain somewhat elusive, his musical talents have undoubtedly captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

How Old Is DD Osama?

DD Osama, the rap prodigy, celebrated his 17th birthday in 2023, born on November 29, 2006, in the vibrant heart of Harlem, New York, USA. Sporting the Sagittarius sign, he embodies the fiery spirit characteristic of his zodiac. His family background reveals Mr. Osama, a businessman, and Crimsley Martinez, formerly in real estate, though they are no longer together due to divorce.

DD Osama Education

Osama commenced his educational journey at Harlem Primary School in New York before progressing to high school, where he is currently enrolled. While he hasn’t completed his high school education yet, he diligently balances academics with his burgeoning music career. Despite his busy schedule in the music industry, Osama prioritizes his education, ensuring he stays on track with his studies alongside his flourishing musical pursuits.

Physical Appearance

Weight (lbs)110
Weight (kg)50
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown

Weighing in at 110 pounds, equivalent to 50 kilograms, this individual boasts a slender physique. Their striking features include a mane of black hair complemented by captivating dark brown eyes. Whether it’s their charismatic presence or their talent in the spotlight, this person’s physical attributes add to their allure. With a combination of distinct features and a unique style, they stand out in any crowd, leaving a lasting impression wherever they go.

DD Osama Parents

DD Osama’s roots intertwine deeply with the fabric of Harlem, New York, where he spent his formative years. Starting his educational journey at Harlem Primary School, he later pursued further studies as he navigated through his upbringing. While his mother dedicated herself to the real estate hustle, DD Osama shared his upbringing with his siblings. Unfortunately, tragedy struck with the loss of one of his younger brothers in 2022. Proudly embracing his Afro-American heritage, DD Osama claims American nationality, embodying the vibrant diversity cultivated within the bustling streets of the Big Apple.

DD Osama Siblings

DD Osama hails from a large family, counting five siblings among his kin. Among his brothers are JStar Balla, JayKlickin, and Ethan Reyes, known in the music world as Notti Osama. The family’s musical prowess is evident as all three brothers make significant strides in the industry. Tragically, Notti Osama’s promising life was abruptly cut short on July 9, 2022, in a devastating incident, leaving a void in the music community. On the sister front, DD Osama is blessed with two sisters—one from his father’s side and another from his mother’s. One of them is known as Melz.

What Is DD Osama Famous For?

DD Osama embarked on his music journey in 2021, swiftly capturing attention with his emotionally charged lyrics and infectious beats. However, it was the tragic event involving his brother Notti Osama that served as a catalyst for his rise to prominence. Their collaborative track “Dead Opps” catapulted DD Osama into the spotlight, garnering widespread recognition for his raw talent and authenticity.

Renowned for his unique blend of aggressive lyricism and compelling melodies, DD Osama has cultivated a devoted fanbase drawn to his raw and honest portrayal of life in Harlem. Through his music, DD Osama offers a glimpse into the harsh realities of his upbringing and the challenges he has faced along the way.

DD Osama Career

DD Osama and his brother, Notti Osama, embarked on their musical journey together, joining forces to create a dynamic duo. Their collaborative efforts led to the release of their debut track, “Aftermath,” in 2021, marking the beginning of their shared musical legacy. Despite the heart-wrenching loss, the track struck a chord with audiences, garnering immense success with over 19 million views on YouTube.

Song Name
Without You
Leave Me
40S and 9s
Long Live Notti
What We Doin
Show No Love

DD Osama’s musical collaborations extend far beyond family ties, as he has joined forces with renowned rap artists such as Sugarhill Ddot, Dudeylo, Roscoe G, and Jstar Balla. Moreover, he honored his late brother with the heartfelt release of “Letter 2 Notti” on November 1, 2022, showcasing his emotional depth and artistic range.

His influence extends beyond the realm of music, as evidenced by his significant presence on social media platforms. With a TikTok following exceeding 262 thousand and a YouTube channel boasting nearly a million subscribers, DD Osama remains actively engaged with his fans, providing updates on his musical journey. Furthermore, his Instagram account shines brightly with over 1.4 million followers, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the hip-hop community.

DD Osama Relationship

DD Osama is a multifaceted talent, known for his dedication, charisma, and striking appearance, captivating the attention of many. While fans speculate about his romantic life, the young rapper has maintained a discreet stance, never sharing any pictures that could hint at a relationship. It seems he is currently single, channeling all his focus into honing his skills and fostering his growth as an artist.

Further research reveals that DD Osama was previously in a relationship with Alabama Barker, with whom he shared a bond for a period of time. However, the reasons behind their separation remain undisclosed, adding a layer of mystery to his personal life.

DD Osama Net Worth

As of 2023, DD Osama boasts a tidy net worth of $500,000, which he has openly shared with his followers, reflecting his transparency regarding his financial status. His primary source of income stems from the entertainment industry, where he earns between $78,000 and $150,000 annually.

DD Osama’s presence on YouTube has proven lucrative, with his music videos garnering substantial earnings ranging from $240,000 to $1,200,000 in total. Additionally, his Spotify profile attracts a solid following of 1.5 million monthly listeners, contributing an extra $5,000 to his income each month.

With his flourishing career, DD Osama leads a comfortable lifestyle, residing in an upscale New York residence and indulging in luxury vehicles, showcasing the rewards of his hard work and success in the music industry.

DD Osama Social Media Accounts


Interesting Facts 

  • Rising Star: DD Osama emerged onto the rap scene in 2021, swiftly gaining recognition for his exceptional talent despite his young age.
  • Family Tragedy: The untimely death of his brother, Notti Osama, in 2022 deeply influenced DD Osama’s music, inspiring heartfelt tributes such as “Letter 2 Notti.”
  • Social Media Presence: With over 1.4 million Instagram followers and nearly a million YouTube subscribers, DD Osama commands a significant presence on social media platforms. His TikTok account boasts over 262 thousand followers as well.
  • Collaborative Impact: The collaboration between DD Osama and his late brother resulted in the track “Dead Opps,” which has accumulated over 19 million views on YouTube, showcasing the duo’s profound impact on the music industry.
  • Balancing Act: Despite his burgeoning music career, DD Osama continues to prioritize his education as a high school student, effectively juggling his studies with his rising fame in the music industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About DD Osama

Q: What is DD Osama’s real name?

A: DD Osama’s real name is David DeShaun Reyes.

Q: How old is DD Osama?

A: As of 2023, DD Osama is 17 years old, born on November 29, 2006.

Q: Where is DD Osama from?

A: DD Osama hails from Harlem, New York, United States of America.

Q: What is DD Osama’s net worth?

DD Osama’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000 as of 2023.

Q: What is DD Osama’s height and weight?

DD Osama stands at 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs approximately 110 pounds (50 kg)

Q: What are some of DD Osama’s popular songs?

Some of DD Osama’s popular songs include “Without You,” “Leave Me,” “What We Doin,” and “Dead Opps.”

Q: Does DD Osama have siblings?

A: Yes, DD Osama has five siblings, including his late brother Notti Osama, who was also a rapper.

Q: What is DD Osama’s social media presence like?

A: DD Osama has a significant presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, with millions of followers across platforms.

Q: Is DD Osama currently in a relationship?

A: DD Osama’s relationship status is single, and he seems to be focusing on his career and music.


David DeShaun Reyes, known by his stage name DD Osama, emerges as a rising luminary in the rap and hip-hop realm, celebrated for his innate talent, profound lyricism, and genuine collaborations. Despite enduring the profound loss of his brother, Notti Osama, DD Osama persists in making an indelible mark on the music landscape. His unwavering commitment has earned him a devoted following and considerable success across various social media platforms. With a future brimming with promise and a steadfast dedication to preserving his brother’s memory, DD Osama’s musical odyssey promises to captivate audiences for years to come.

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